Arulvadivel Venugopal

Candidate for the post of VP Admin

I was grown from middle class family in a small town Thiruchengodu, Namakkal District and moved to USA 20Yrs back for work and became US Citizen. I am living in San Ramon with my Wife & 2 Teenage Kids.

Everyone must ‘Give Back’ to the community. Now it is my time to join you all & serve one thing in mind ‘Help Community’ and running for the VP-Admin position.

I am a new Member to BATM and moved recently to BayArea 2yrs back. I would like to join hand in hand of other ECs with fresh thinking & would like to carry the DNA of 40Yr+ old BATM.

After listening last 2yrs in various groups, here is my Election Manifesto at a high level

  1. Support BayArea-Tamil Families & Kids

  2. Support Motherland ‘Tamil Nadu’

  3. Religion Neutral & No-Political-Party-Affiliation

  4. Tamil Language Growth

  5. Grow Tamil Manram Members

  6. Support Bay Area Tamil Entrepreneurs

  7. Support & Fundraise for Tamil Cultural Center

  8. Make Tamilians Pride known at country level

  9. Tie-up with All Tamil Sangams across USA

  10. Support All Indians

So please Vote me for VP-Admin in upcoming BATM Election.