Candidates Guide

If you want to participate in this year's election you must send an email to the Election Office at with the following information:

  • Your name and email ID

  • The post you are contesting for

  • Name and Email ID of the person who is proposing your nomination

  • Name and Email ID of the person who is seconding your nomination

After verifying the membership eligibility of all 3 of you, the Election Office will generate a Docusign document and send them to the email IDs received. All 3 of you must sign the document electronically to complete the nomination.

IMPORTANT: This process must be completed by October 8, 2020, deadline for the nomination to be accepted. Allow yourself enough time for this process. Do not wait until the last minute.

  • The Executive Committee will announce the final list of candidates after the deadline for filing of nominations ends.

Promotion of Candidates

  • Each candidate shall provide a picture of themselves and a profile write up about themselves not exceeding 200 words by email to

    • The Election Office will post the candidates' profiles in this website

    • The Executive Committee will send out the profile by email to Tamil Manram mailing list.

  • Candidates' photos and profile write up will be included in the ballot.

  • The Executive Committee will organize an online Zoom meeting on October 28, 2020 (Wednesday). Each candidate can present themselves and campaign for votes to Tamil Manram members directly.

Rules for Candidates

All the candidates must agree to abide by the following rules.

  1. Each candidate contests for one position. Tamil Manram constitution does not support teams to contest in the election. So, candidates shall only campaign for themselves individually and not as a team.

  2. Candidates shall not engage in negative campaign against any other candidate.

  3. Candidates shall not engage in negative propaganda against Tamil Manram, the Executive Committee or the Election Office.

  4. Candidates shall not use official Tamil Manram social media for campaign.

  5. Candidates shall not contact Tamil Manram members for campaigning purpose by email, phone calls or other means if they do not know the member personally.