Rooben Morgan

Candidate for the post of VP Cultural

VANAKKAM. My name is Rooben Morgan, and I am contesting for VP Cultural on the 2020 SFBATM Elections .

My vision is to earn proper recognition for the rich Bay Area Tamil Culture that is representative of us as Immigrants, Americans, and Tamils. As a Tamil Immigrant and Educator, my involvement with SFBATM has resulted in friends and community, which is what SFBATM is truly all about. Despite technology, information, and access to everything in today's world, it is humanity, community, and connection that move us on a daily basis. SFBATM is a proud and upstanding organization with deep roots in serving the Tamils here and back in TamilNadu, and I am immensely honored for the opportunity to serve in its name.

My vision is to enrich our contributions more appropriately for our future generations.

My Main positions points are:

  1. Showcase (local) talent in an innovative programing

  2. Promote Tamil Language and encourage youth engagement

  3. Use cultural events to raise funds for the Tamil Language Center

  4. Cultivate SFBATM's cultural image to be a beacon for Tamil Immigrants

My platform is simple and transparent, and I welcome your conversation. Please contact me at

(415) 632 0095