Soundharya Chandran

Candidate for the post of Convener

I, Soundharya Chandran, am a Sr. Scientist at a Fortune 500 company with a master’s from Rutgers University and a bachelors from VIT, Vellore.

My Leadership Style:

  • Strong proponent of Diversity & Inclusion

  • Chief of Staff at my company’s Asian ERG. Achievements include, diversity recruiting, newsletter creation and providing Asian perspective on business cases.

  • Envisioned and implemented CEO speaker series at my company.

  • Incorporated Tamil as one of the world languages in my department’s brief that is presented bi-weekly to the entire department.

  • Made to recognize Pongal as an Asian festival

  • Organized a concert by Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, a mega fund-rising event through the New Jersey AID chapter.

  • VP at VIT multicultural students’ hostel

  • Active judge/mentor for competitions held at the Oakland Science & Engineering organization and at IFT.

  • Presented Food Science webinars for TN college students

  • Conducted several science conferences and workshops both in India and US.

  • Primary coordinator for a NEET fund, that contributes to the functioning of the Kuzhumoor library founded by Anita’s brother.

  • Actively involved in BATM T-SKY project.

My contribution towards Rising-the-bar initiative, will be through creation of more science-based programs and activities. I will strive for women empowerment by creating more spaces and avenues for our Tamil community women to engage.